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Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment 16oz Spray


Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment 16oz Spray

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Sore No-More Performance Ultra Liniment is our clinical strength, FEI compliant herbal formula designed for fast-acting and proven pain relief in performance horses.

  • Maximum comfort and performance: Concentrated formula quickly draws out heat and toxins to limber up muscles and soft tissue. Stimulates circulation to promote long-lasting, deep healing pain relief while cooling the affected area. Loosens tense muscles for improved performance and flexibility. There is no better combination to reduce pain, swelling and infection. Our fastest and longest lasting formula available.
  • Safe for hands, horses and show day: Powerful, all-natural formula is gentle on horses with sensitive skin. It’s safe enough for your own hands to use without gloves. No blisters or burning commonly found with traditional liniments. Safe to apply and use under wraps, tack or bandages. Confidently use during events with no greasy or sticky residue to attract dust and insects.
  • Convenient application: Highly effective without the need to rub in. Simply spray and go. Spray on the poll, back, neck, legs, hock, knees or hoof to reduce soft tissue discomfort. Paint on soles of hooves to absorb the pain of impact.
  • Injury prevention and rapid recovery: Use before and after each ride to reduce the risk of strains. Cooling effect relaxes muscles and reduces tension for fast recovery. Rapid, effective pain relief and healing for soft tissue injury rehabilitation.
  • Multi-purpose: Versatile liniment can be used as a direct spray, bath brace, massage and under riding equipment or bandages. Antiseptic properties keep the skin healthy and clear.
  • Invigorating scent: Fresh, clean ginger is energizing for both horse and rider.


Our proven formula offers performance horses a clinical strength, concentrated solution for powerful natural pain relief and injury recovery.

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