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Equine-Medi Lens Eye Protector Medical Horse Hood

Intrepid International

Equine-Medi Lens Eye Protector Medical Horse Hood

  • $ 49.99

Equine-Medi-Lens® Eye Protector

The Equine-Medi Lens® Eye Protector was designed for all eye problems such as corneal ulcers, post surgery care and for use on any other problems around the eye such as lacerated eye lids or other lid problems that need protection throughout the treatment and healing process. This can also be used for eye issues that need long term protection.

  • Flexible lens to protect eye from being rubbed.
  • Transparent lens so a horse can see his surroundings or shadows. Some horses may not have vision in the injured eye but if they do they can see through this lens.
  • The Lens is Shatterproof
  • The tint adds a filtered protection if pupil dilatation medication is used.
  • Open front for ventilation allowing air flow to the eye
  • If treating through a SPL line the hood does not have to be removed for every treatment - the hood also protects the SPL line.
  • Allows easy viewing to see the eye
  • A Fly Mask can be used over the Eye Protector

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