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Won Liner 1/4” 30x32 Saddle Pad


Won Liner 1/4” 30x32 Saddle Pad

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Protect your expensive show blankets with the WONPAD Liner. This liner is created with 1/4" felt which is then backed with 4mm neoprene. It provides all the benefits of the original WONPAD and protects your expensive show blankets from soaking up the sweat and hair from your horse. Available only in a 30" x 32" small round with a single vent. Corner wear leathers in the back (assorted brown colors).

WONPAD CARE: These pads are easy to care for. Simply rinse off the underside of the pad with soap and water after each use and the WONPAD will out last any pad on the market. Use this simple tip to prevent spreading of bacteria from horse to horse.

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